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Georgina Keeley - Luxury Bride & Bridesmaid Robe Designer


At Georgina Keeley, our aim is for your beautiful robe to be the perfect gift or memento of a special day. What better way to do this then make it personalised and individual to you?

Our robes are crafted in a luxury crepe material, with a 100% silk sash. The robes are available in two sizes and in three core colours. Our standard embroidery is placed on the inside flap of the robe. The option to personalise this is across two lines, with 8 characters per line. So for example, you could have your initials, or ‘Mrs N’ on the top line and the date of the wedding on the second line. The cost of the embroidery is £15.

Depending on which colour robe you choose, we have different colour thread options. For the Nude and Rose robe we suggest the Pearl White thread. If you choose the White robe there are more colour options, such as Champagne Gold, Dusky Pink and Something Blue.

After many requests we’ve decided to expand our personalisation placement options. Meaning you can now have embroidery on the outside flap (+£15), the chest (+£20) and the back (+£30) of your luxury robe.

Each robe is lovingly embroidered, and will be beautifully wrapped, steamed and prepared.

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If you want something more specific or just something a little different to our standard personalisation options, we’d love to help! At Georgina Keeley we do offer a bespoke service and we’d love to help you create your dream robe. Whether you want a particular coloured thread or a different sash. Or even embroidery in more than one place on the robe all you need to do is get in touch. Email with your ideas and we’ll get back to you.

Due to all bespoke orders being different, pricing will vary.

The lead time for our luxury robes is 1-2 weeks.