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Georgina Keeley - Luxury Bride & Bridesmaid Robe Designer


Inspired by a desire to create beautifully elegant, luxurious bridal robes, Georgina Keeley is fast becoming the brand du jour for everything but the dress. 

Designed to make every woman feel feminine, effortlessly beautiful and relaxed, quality is clearly paramount to the label. Founder Georgina Keeley spent weeks overseas lovingly researching and sourcing material to ensure she found the perfect fabrics for her designs. Meticulously crafted from buttery soft, flowing crepe with a 100% silk sash to tie as you wish around the waist, Georgina Keeley’s luxury robes are a must for any bride.  

“The material is really soft, very high quality and more importantly is not see-through like some of the robes I had come across.” Georgina Keeley Bride, 2019

Understated and timelessly chic, our robes are available in a delicately neutral palette of colours, ensuring they not only withstand the test of time, but they’ll sit beautifully against any skin tone. Plus, you’ll instantly feel comfortable with the carefully chosen fabric’s high density.

About Georgina

Georgina Keeley studied Fashion & Textiles at Loughborough Art and Design School, before completing her degree in Retail Management at Loughborough University. Upon graduating she started her career specialising in marketing, working for two large manufacturing businesses. After six years, Georgina realised she wasn’t pursuing her main passion. From a young age she had displayed an innate love and skill for fashion and textiles. Recognising this, she unearthed her true career aspiration: to be a part of that world.

This change of direction coincided with being thrown into the wedding industry when six of her best friends got married in the space of just one year. It was during this time that Georgina identified an opportunity and a gap in the market for luxury, timeless clothing designs for the bridal party – specifically, everything but the dress.

The idea originated when I was lucky enough to be asked to be a bridesmaid for some close friends of mine. Some of the most special moments of my life have been getting ready the morning of a wedding day, and I loved that we all wore bridal robes whilst doing so. In my mind, they felt like a badge of honour, a symbol of a special bond shared between bride and bridesmaid and a memento to remember everything about that day by.

Following this personal experience, I decided I wanted to create a collection that was not only luxurious and classic but could be worn time and time again – truly cherished - rather than just on the wedding day itself. And, with more women putting an increasing importance on relaxation and self-care, I loved the idea that my robe could be the perfect accompaniment to their little slice of slow-living and TLC between the grind of the 9 to 5.

Creative Director & Founder

Throughout Georgina’s career as a designer, her work has always been praised for its attention to detail. This innate trait has proved itself to be the beating heart of her brand, where the creation of a luxury personalised product requires every single detail to be thought through and immaculate. Every robe made by Georgina Keeley has been handled with the utmost care and precision, making it as perfect as possible for its new owner.