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Update: Discontinuing the embroidery service

With 2020 fast approaching, and only 29 days of the year left I’ve been reflecting on the direction I wish to take the business and brand in the New Year. This blog post today is to announce that I have made the difficult decision to discontinue the personalisation service on the 18th December 2019. 

georgina keeley embroidery announcement

Over the last few years, I have loved fulfilling the many bespoke personalisation orders that have come through from all my Brides and customers. There has been a real magic with embroidering so many robes, and despatching something that tells a story, and will then be treasured as a forever memory of a special moment in time. 

Whilst I have been incredibly proud of the personalisation side of the business, the reality is that doing embroidery in house is a huge undertaking, especially for only a two person team. 

To provide some more context on my decision, I will elaborate below… 

georgina keeley real brides embroidery

Personalisation has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with so many products now available with a customisable element. There are various ways to personalise a product, and the method that I chose which I believe is the most premium and luxurious method is to machine embroider the garments with a thread. 

Whilst the effect of this technique is both beautiful and elegant, it is also requires a lot of skill and is a high risk process. Each robe needs to be properly prepped, and all embroidery machinery is highly sensitive and unless all factors are perfect something can very easily go wrong.

In addition to this, since launching I’ve charged a standard fee of £15 for entry level embroidery (inside or outside flap) - which has included two lines, with eight characters per line. What I have learnt is that offering this amount of embroidery at the current price is not commercially viable. When comparing the brand to competitors who also offer embroidery, the going rate for a premium service is more in line with £15 to £20 a character due to the complexity of the process, which is not something I am comfortable charging.

With this in mind, if you are considering getting a personalised robe for your wedding next year, I will be taking embroidery orders up until Wednesday 18th December 2019, with an extended lead time of two to four weeks. Please note any embroidery orders will be full priced, and no exceptions will be made in the New Year for embroidery requests. 

georgina keeley embroidery real brides

Over the next month I will be pulling together a list of embroidery businesses that offer a personalisation service where you can still buy my robes and get them personalised there. If you are a supplier that would be interested in working with me, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

And of course, as always we will still be doing everything to ensure you receive a beautiful robe that is of a premium quality that will stand the test of time. 

I hope you all understand, and I appreciate everyone’s support and wonderful feedback about the personalisation service over the years.

With love,

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