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Top 5 getting ready tips for the morning of your wedding by Bridal Editor

Top 5 getting ready tips for the morning of your wedding by Sarah Tippett, Founder of Bridal Editor 

#1 Prep prep prep!

This is not the time to be unorganised bride-to-be. In the days leading up to the wedding, make sure to schedule in everything – from your hairstylist’s arrival to that all-important manicure and pedicure the day before – so that everything runs like an absolute DREAM. The night before is the perfect time to lay out everything you need (including the the bridesmaids’ luxurious Georgina Keeley robes) so that nothing is left to chance.  Plus, why not tuck a final mini checklist in your make-up bag for a final run-down before you leave to tie the knot. 

#2 The word you’re looking for is ‘early’

Go to bed early the night before. Get up early the morning of the wedding. You know it makes sense. You want to be as fresh-faced as possible when taking to the aisle (no eye-bags allowed). Another tip I have - to expand on this further - is to sleep by yourself (rather than in a room with your bridesmaids). Late night giggling and pre-wedding nerves can interrupt deep bridal sleep.

#3 Over plan

Plan for every potential upset. Is Aunt Margaret a little clumsy with the champagne? Keep her outside of a 10 meter radius of the dress at all times. Got a temperamental blusher brush? Keep a back-up nearby. Can’t find your phone charger? Your favourite lip-gloss? Your Georgina Keeley headband? Make sure your Maid of Honour has a back-up of each in her possession, from aisle to dance floor.   

#4 Enjoy. Every. Second…

…because its going to go like that *click*. Take time to make memories, from spending special moments with your bridal party and the Mother-of-the-bride mid-morning, to driving to the venue with your new husband. 

#5 And finally, BREATHE

You can’t control everything, trust me. On the morning of my own wedding there was a power cut just as my hairstylist turned on the curling tongs – not to mention at the Church – and just as I opened the front door it started pouring with rain. But you know what? It was the most perfect imperfect day and I wouldn’t change a thing (because really, perfect would be SO boring).

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