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The MOB & MOG Outfit Blending Tip

Sarah & Lenny

I met my dear friend Sarah, in 2016 in Holland Park through our four legged friends, Piper & Timothy, and our overall love for dogs and a Core Collective coffee.

When I met Sarah, she was in the thick of planning for her wedding back home in Vermont, USA. Sarah was my first American friend who was engaged, and I truly loved all the stories she shared with me about planning a wedding. It made me realise that Americans truly are the best at this wedding business. 

Sarah & Lenny with the Bridal Party

Sarah had every last detail covered. And I mean, every last detail. She had so much vision for creating a picture perfect day, and a picture perfect day she had. When she shared the official photos with me, taken by the talented Christina Bernales, I was curious as to why they looked to beautiful, neat and sophisticated. Particularly the ones of the Bridal Party and family.

Sarah & Lenny with their families

Sarah then shared with me her hot tip, which I thought was inspired. Part of Sarah's vision, was a longing for her family to really be and look a key part of her and Lenny's special day. Because of this, one of her ideas was to ask her Mother, and her fiancés Mother to wear a similar, neutral colour palette to what her Bridesmaids were going to be in – a ‘soft grey’.

The Mothers were a little hesitant at first, but once they realised that Sarah was not joking and it came from a place of wanting them to look a part of her Bride tribe, they later admitted that they got really in to the challenge and enjoyed finding something that fit the bill.

It was also lovely way for Sarah to connect with these two important women in her life. Both Mothers during the shopping process sent photos of options to Sarah, and it made them both feel more involved in the wedding (particularly important as Sarah was planning her wedding from rainy London and it was a challenge to keep everyone up to speed and a part of the plans!). 

It made me think, what a great idea this was and I felt compelled to share it on this blog of mine. I’m a big believer in the idea that the details matter, and I thought that this was a lovely detail, and really meant that Sarah and Lenny now have picture perfect memories.

Sarah & Lenny with her family

Bridal Party

The look of love

Let me know what you think! If you have a colour scheme, would you ever ask your MOB and MOG to wear something in line with the theme?

Oh... and p.s. How great does black tie look on the Groom and his crew? Love black tie. Think it may win over morning suits... controversial ending point I know! 

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