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The Lipstick Trick

It is common for Brides these days to elicit the help of hair and beauty experts for their big day to help them look their very best.

These magical people, walk in with their suitcases of equipment and get to work almost immediately. Makeup artists will pour out their endless content of MAC foundations, Bobbi Brown blushers and Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, and transform a woman to the most beautiful they will ever look in their life.

All of this is very well and good, however what is often forgotten is that the make-up artists also take this makeup away with them. Including that ‘perfect’ lipstick colour that they’ve matched on the day to your skin tone and overall look.

See the problem yet?

Oh yes… unlike other cosmetics, Lipstick, no matter the on the pack claim, ‘12 hours’ this, ‘no smudge’ that, wears off and you will see Bride after Bride walk down the aisle or in their official photos with no colour, or even worse with the lipstick liner look round the edge of their lips. 

There is such a simple solution to this ladies… buy your lipstick ahead of your big day and then get one of your trusty Bridesmaids to hang on to it for regular top ups between the ceremony, photo calls and that all important first dance.

I would recommend heading to one of Bobbi Brown’s flag ship stores and pinning down one of their experienced make-up artists. Take photos of your dress, give them an idea of how you are going to wear your hair and get them to match a colour which is perfect for you. Choose brighter shades of pink, rose and plum, over a more neutral and pale lip colour which can look washed out in photographs.

And for all those Bridesmaids out there. If you are given the trusty task of keeping this lipstick with you throughout the day, I discovered the perfect place to put it. In your bouquet! It slotted in to mine like an extra flower stem, and wasn’t noticeable – in fact the gold lid was a lovely final touch.  

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