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A milestone moment: My collaboration story with TH&TH

When embarking on setting up a business, there are milestone moments. This week, announcing a collaboration with the beautiful bridesmaid dress brand, TH&TH, will forever be one of my best milestone moments yet.

When I was immersed in the wedding industry in 2016 when I was a bridesmaid to a few of my nearest and dearest friends, I was constantly on the lookout for classic, luxurious brands. I so enjoyed my time of browsing Pinterest, Instagram, magazines and blogs for the latest trends. 

It was when we were on the hunt for bridesmaid dresses for my best friend Sally that I came across TH&TH on their beautiful Instagram account. Quickly I messaged Sally with excitement, and we both agreed that these dresses were another level (in fact, they were the only dresses we ended up trying on as a group). 

On the 27th January 2017, we headed to TH&TH’s pop up event and had the best hour and a half trying on dress after dress. Each dress I tried on I felt a million dollars in, and I could have worn any of them and felt happy (... which is so rare when you are trying on Bridesmaid dresses normally!). It was there that I met two of the founders, Kitty & Ping, and my journey as a TH&TH fan girl began.

gk x th&th collaboration story

Coinciding with this, a few months later when I was unable to find any lush robes for the Bridal Party to wear whilst getting ready in, my business idea was seeded. In the spring of 2017 I started to develop my range, and by the time Sally’s wedding came round on the 25th August 2017 I had seven bespoke robes made for us all to wear. We got ready in my robes in the morning, and slipped in to our beautiful bespoke TH&TH dresses moments before we left to go to the church. We all looked and felt beautiful, and it was actually whilst I was wearing that dress that I met my wonderful partner, Adrian.

gk x thth collaboration story

Fast forward to two years and two months from the day when I first met the TH&TH team, I heard from the girls and discovered that they had put me on their website’s ‘Best List’ - a gorgeous curation of their favourite suppliers in the wedding industry. From that moment the conversation flowed and the idea of launching a Limited Edition Silver Mist robe was born. 

The last few months of working with TH&TH has been a total dream, and I feel honoured to have collaborated with them on such a beautiful project. So much has gone in to this collaboration, from dying the fabric to create a perfect match to TH&TH’s Silver Mist range, to working together on a photoshoot and now planning an exciting press day next week. 

th&th x georgina keeley collaboration

Seeing the product go live yesterday on both my and TH&TH’s website was incredible, and I am so proud of the gorgeous product we have both created. 

TH&TH’s Silver Mist colour is stunning and is the perfect addition to the range. It feels feminine without being too sugary and offers something very unique. Better still, it looks beautiful paired with TH&TH’s gorgeous Silver Mist Bridesmaid Dresses, meaning that you can dress your wedding party in Silver Mist from morning to night.

To shop our new Silver Mist robe click here.

With love,

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