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Pantone me pretty

Pantone colours has been a particular love of mine for many years. I remember clearly receiving my first Pantone book when I joined a large Marketing firm. It was my prized possession, and was key to my job when checking all our packaging that went to print was spot on. 

Selecting a colour is such a lovely thing to do. Some hold colour more dear to them than others, and I can safely say that I am one of those people who do very much so. When embarking on this journey to create the most beautiful range of Bridal and Bridesmaid dressing gowns, thinking about and choosing the colours has been one of the highlights so far. 

Quite literally with the colours of the rainbow to choose from, it felt at times like a tantalisingly hard decision. Pantone alone have almost 2,000 colours to choose from, and it felt like Hong Kong's fabric market (Sham Shui Po) where I went to source my fabrics had even more.

Choosing my colour palette in Hong Kong & China 

I knew however that I wanted a soft and neutral palette to start off with. A range that felt delicate and feminine. After trailing different colours and fabrics, one of the colours I set on was a dusky pink which I have gone on to name 'Blush' in my range. 

Why am I telling you all this? 

Well, this week I discovered the colour that's set to be the 'it' colour for 2018 Bridesmaid dresses. While 2017 was all about blush pink (Pinterest stats confirm it was the most popular choice), Wedding Wire have predicted that Pantone's 'Nostalgia Rose' will be this year’s colour of choice. 

I was delighted to read this, as the pink tone that I selected for my launch range is slightly darker than a classic Blush, with a hint of mauve. Whilst it is not a perfect match for Nostalgia Rose, it comes very close. I love how flattering it is on so many Brides, of all hair colours and skin tones. The Bridesmaids who have worn it so far have looked both pretty, and elegant - it brings out a beautiful feminine girly quality. 

When I think about the year ahead, I cannot wait to see all the trends that unfold in the Fashion and Bridal world. I am proud of the collection I have made, and can’t wait to see so many beautiful women wear them on such a special occasion like one’s Wedding Day.


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