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Georgina Keeley - Luxury Bride & Bridesmaid Robe Designer

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Introducing Gigi & Olive

gigi and olive - bridal boutique - classic white robe - luxury dressing gown

We're so excited to introduce you to the latest and chicest online bridal and bachelorette boutique with a curated edit of bridal party gifts. Some have said that this is the Bridal Brand launch of the year (...and we certainly think so!). 

The founder, a fellow Georgina, wanted to create a unique shopping destination where customers can buy a selection of premium, personalised and stylish products and presents for bridal occasions that will last way past the party.

We have been in talks with Georgina since March this year, and were honoured that Georgina chose our robes to be included as part of her launch collection. We are obsessed with the beautiful brand she has built, and haven’t stopped lushing over the images from their launch shoot.          

gigi and olive launch - bridal and bridesmaid robes

We wanted to give all of you a little more insight into this beautiful company, and had the exciting opportunity to interview Georgina. We loved learning that the brand name, Gigi & Olive, is a merge between her name (Georgina) and her sister's (Olivia). How cute? 

Hi Georgie, so excited to be chatting today! Tell us about the brand... Why did you decide to focus on the bachelorette side of the wedding industry?

As more of my friends started to get engaged and married, they told me how difficult and time consuming it was, to source tasteful and thoughtful gifts for bridal occasions, particularly Bachelorettes. I wanted to remove the sometimes negative stigma that surrounded 'hen parties' and create an exciting opportunity for friends to celebrate the preparations for marriage with chic and thoughtful merchandise. I detected resentment from women about spending money on items that were disappointing.

Who is the ideal Gigi & Olive customer?

The Gigi & Olive customer is many women. We are the modern-day bride, the busy working woman, the girl that's been to 100 hen parties, the best friend that's spent hours trying to source the perfect wedding gift and the woman getting married looking for the ideal bridesmaid thank you gifts. We are also a different choice for Bachelorette parties when women are looking for a carefully curated edit of items that are beautiful, tasteful and ethically sourced. 

Let's talk about the shoot! The images are SO gorgeous, why did you choose Barcelona for the location?

Thank you so much! The two amazing women who built my website and design of the brand also took all the photographs & video content for the shoot, and they are based in Barcelona. We all agreed that it would be a fantastic place for the first shoot as it's such a beautiful city and also had great beaches too. I also think Barcelona is a perfect Bachelorette party destination as you have that beach/city combination, plus great food, good value, fun places to go out, rooftop bars, there's lots to do. We are already planning the next shoot, which will be a different location.

Discover Gigi & Olive by clicking here

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