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Hailee Steinfeld

This month in light of Rita Ora's infamous 'bath robe' red carpet look that she rocked for when she was the host of the 2017 MTV EMAs, I was asked by MTVs PR team whether I would supply Hailee Steinfeld (the 2018 host) one of my robes in case she too wanted to go for a similar look - but perhaps in something a little more chic.
Rita Ora, Red Carpet Look
I loved preparing a robe for Hailee. I chose the nude as thought this would look gorgeous on her, and I placed the embroidery on the back of the robe for a bit of a statement look using a dark plum coloured silk thread. 
Hailees robe
I was delighted to see it featured on her Instagram round up, and for MTV to have included me in their press release.
Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. Forever grateful xo 

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