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It's 7.00 in the morning but we aren't woken by the knock on our hotel room door; our night has been restless with anticipation and nervousness. When I open up, the Bride-to-be is standing there, eyes wide with excitement. It's the morning of her wedding day.

I share a room with another bridesmaid. There are four of us in total and we are all camped out at the same hotel – but now the Bride is sitting with us in the same bed and the three of us talk and joke about the day ahead. It's not all that different from our childhood sleep-overs, staying up late and giggling about boys.  Those moments were formed in preparation for this one; the most special day of my friend's life.

We all slip into our matching dusky pink gowns which the bride gifted us the night before for us to get ready in. We hurry downstairs to breakfast, only to marvel at the novelty of a Full English served alongside croissants and champagne. I don't know the other bridesmaids all that well but we are collectively united in love and solidarity. Our gowns feel like a badge of honour; a symbol of a special bond shared with the bride-to-be and a memento to the day that we always dreamed of.

These remaining hours before the wedding are important: the final moments of sleep; the last supper of unmarried life; the fastidious efforts of a hair and make-up making us feel more beautiful than ever; the attentiveness of the bride's mother, fussing over the details as keenly as she did on her daughter's first day of school. It's a time of laughter and tears; solemnity and lightness. The moment is gently tinged with nostalgia too. When we were three years old we dressed up in white and pretended to marry an imaginary prince charming, never quite realising that one day it would all be real.

The wedding day goes by in a flash and before you know it the day you’ve spent years preparing for is gone, as are so many of the things that come with it. You can’t keep your hairstyle or your makeup, you probably won’t ever wear your dress again, but the gowns we all wore that morning can be cherished forever.

It was from this special experience of being a Bridesmaid that my brand was born, dedicated to the memories that you don’t want to throw away, celebrating the day and symbolic of those who are closest to you.

I have designed a range of luxurious gowns for brides and their maids. A gown that helps all women feel feminine and beautiful, with a range in neutral colours that provide the perfect canvas for getting ready for the special moments that lie ahead.

This blog will be a place for me to capture my journey, and to discuss all things love and weddings.

I hope you enjoy.

With love,

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